Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maiden Voyage! here it very first post! I have been so consumed figuring out the ends and outs of this whole blogging business, that I have completely skipped breakfast this morning. Not a very good way to start out my new attempt at a healthy lifestyle! In honor of starting this blog and making yet another attempt to shape up, I made a trip to the local market last night to pick up a few healthier items. Here are a few of my more interesting selections:

(I may have already busted into the Laughing Cow cheese...and let me just say it was DELICIOUS!...I hope all the new things I try taste just as good! :0)

Now...I must say that I am going at this completely cold turkey...literally, I had Jack in the Box last night and today I am going after the hummus and fresh produce! I'm not sure this is the best way to go about it, but it's worth a shot right? I'm really not a completely horrendous eater, but I will say that my portion sizes have gotten way out of control lately! Also, over the past year I have realized that my metabolism is way out of whack. I have tried just about every diet out there and failed miserably at each of body in turn, has decided to rebel completely, making weight loss seem impossible :( . My whole goal through this little endeavor of mine, is really to stop eating out so much and focus a little bit more on my portion sizes and exercise regimen (which currently is pretty much non-existent). I do own a treadmill which I plan to start using more frequently....starting today!.....ok maybe not today but Monday? I hate exercising on the weekends. I know that's probably weird, but I feel like Sat and Sun are my time to relax. Well...I am off to try and scrounge up something for lunch and we are making a trip to the Drive In tonight to see Iron Man 2, so we'll see how that goes...